1v1 Battle

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1v1 Battle
1v1Battle is a multiplayer build-and-fighting simulation game in 1v1 matches. Become a champion in 1v1 Battle, a unique Battle Royale-style shooter and PVP simulator that will help you train your fighting skills, and fight against real players in 1v1 modes.

Quick matchmaking
No more time spent on match fixing; find a 1v1 multiplayer PVP match against real players within seconds! Just press play to find the game instantly.

Unique ways of training
Shooting training - train your combat skills with a variety of weapons including shotguns, sniper rifles and more in the shooting simulator.
Trickshot training - train and master your trickshots.
Construction training - you can improve your building skills without being attacked by enemy fire, perfect if you're just starting out!
WASD = walk / run
Space = jump
Left ctrl = crouch
E = use
Left click = shoot / build
Right click = aim
R = refill
Z / X / C / V = ​​switching ramps
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