Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise

Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise
Santa gave his reindeer to Baby Hazel for a few days. Let's join Hazel to help her take care of the deer. Help Hazel complete all the animal care activities so that Santa appreciates her efforts. The little deer is messy and its belly is empty. Can you help Hazel remove the snow from the deer and feed it to its fill?

Baby Hazel gets a surprise gift

Baby Hazel gets a surprise gift from Santa Claus. Do you want to know what it is? Play the level and see for yourself.

Baby Hazel feeds the reindeer

Woof! Santa asked Hazel to keep the reindeer for a few days. Oh! The little reindeer are messy, and their bellies are empty. Can you help Hazel remove the snow from the bodies of the reindeer and feed them delicious food?

Baby Hazel is playing games with reindeer

The little reindeer's belly is full and now it's time to play. Let's have fun joining Baby Hazel and the little reindeer in their game of hide and seek. It's time to sleep, but the little reindeer are in no mood for a nap. Help Baby Hazel put the reindeer to sleep by telling interesting bedtime stories.

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Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise

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