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battlejack is a mobile game that combines elements of strategy and luck. The main concept is similar to blackjack, but instead of standard cards, characters with different abilities are used.

The goal of the game is to gather a team of heroes and fight against the enemy by reducing their strength to zero. Each hero has their own skills and can improve as the game progresses. During combat, the player must make decisions quickly, choosing which cards/characters to use in order to create combos that will deal as much damage as possible to the enemy while maintaining their health.

Strategic thinking is essential when putting together a team of heroes, because their abilities can synergize and improve efficiency in battle. Players can train their characters, upgrade their skills and equipment, and combine them in different ways to adapt to different challenges.

This game combines classic blackjack mechanics with RPG elements and team battle strategy, providing a dynamic experience that requires quick decisions and a good tactical approach.
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