BitLife – Life Simulator

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BitLife - Life Simulator
Do you find your life tiring and boring? Do you want to live a new life that is adapted to your wishes? The game will help you with that BEATLIFE!

bit life is a life simulation game where users take control of a stranger's life from start to finish. This game has a simple gameplay, basically the same as other simulation games. However, in this game you will choose actions for each character instead of choosing dialogue. Characters in the game will have 4 basic stats including health, luck, looks and intelligence. In my opinion, health is the most important thing, because only when you have health can you do more things. You can enhance your appearance with makeup, beautify yourself with clothes or accessories, or even have plastic surgery. As for IQ, you can increase it by going to school. Sometimes your wrong choice can also scare the police, but unfortunately in the process of catching the criminals, they attack you and your life is over.

How to play BitLife game

The rules of the game are very simple, you just need to choose the actions that match the age of the character. You can play it on your computer or mobile phone, very convenient!
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