Blockly Games

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Blockly Games
Blockly Games is a series of interactive and challenging games designed to develop students' skills in a range of computer programming techniques and algorithm-based solutions. Students solve problems from simple puzzles to more complex challenges involving loops, conditionals, blocks, and text languages. Students can choose from several games, most of which contain ten levels and some of which contain help information describing the use of functions, logic, loops, and variables.

Puzzles is a quick introduction to Blockly's shapes and how the pieces fit together.

Maze is an introduction to loops and conditions. It starts off simple, but each level is more challenging than the last.

Bird is a deep dive into conditionals. Control flow is explored with increasingly complex conditions.

Turtle is a deep immersion into loops. Use nested loops to paint an image.

Movie is an introduction to mathematical equations. Use math to animate a movie.

Music is an introduction to functions. Use functions to compose music.

Pond Tutor introduces text-based programming. Levels switch back and forth between the blocks and the actual JavaScript in the text editor.

Pond is an open competition for programming the smartest duck. Use either blocks or JavaScript.
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