BlockTanks – Multiplayer Tank Game

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BlockTanks – Multiplayer Tank Game
BlockTanks is a 2D multiplayer tank battle game. The gameplay is simple, shoot the other enemy tanks and win the match! developed by Karate Fox Studios.

This .io game offers adrenaline tank warfare in various exciting game modes. Whether you prefer solo missions or team action, BlockTanks.IO has you covered. To begin, you'll select your preferred game mode from a diverse selection that includes Battle Royale, Payload, free-for-all, and team deathmatch. Each mode offers a unique twist on tank combat, ensuring hours of engaging gameplay.

Your mission is simple but exciting: destroy enemy tanks to increase your score and climb the leaderboard. The maps are strategically designed, allowing you to hide behind walls and use tactical maneuvers to outwit your opponents. It's all about quick reflexes and accurate shooting in this fast-paced tank battle arena. But what is a tank battle without an arsenal of weapons? IN BlockTanks.IO you'll have access to a variety of weapons, including rockets, grenades, shotguns, and more. You can discover these powerful tools scattered across the map, giving you an advantage in battle. Additionally, defeated opponents drop their weapons, allowing you to upgrade your firepower on the fly.

Whether you're a lone wolf looking to dominate the battlefield solo or a team player ready to cooperate and conquer, the game delivers an action-packed gaming experience. So, gear up, jump into your tank and engage in epic tank battles to prove your skills and claim victory in this dynamic .io game.
WASD to move
Mouse scroll or Q or E to switch weapons
Tab for displaying teams
Shift to display menu
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