Blumgi Slime

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Blumgi Slime
Blumgi Slime is an arcade game that will put your timing and aiming skills to the test by jumping to the finish line. You control a cute mobile character who can only move by jumping. Hold the action button to direct your power - the longer you hold it down, the higher and more intense you'll jump. Go over different types of obstacles to touch the square platform. Each stage will introduce something fun and unusual to this game from new colors to types of obstacles. You will appreciate the perfect mix of challenges and colorful atmosphere while playing Blumgi Slime. Can you complete all the levels?

The game has 150 levels of gameplay. In each level you will have different ending points. Each level will end quickly if you have good movement skills. So today it is possible to conquer all 150 levels.

How to play Blumgi Slime?

Jump - Long press or hold the left mouse button and release

Who created Blumgi Slime?

Blumgi Slime was created by Blumgi, a game development studio based in France. Some of their famous games are: Blumgi Rocket, Blumgi Ball, Blumgi Castle and Swingo.

Can I play Blumgi Slime for free?

Blumgi Slime is free to play on the portal.

Can I play Blumgi Slime on mobile and desktop?

Blumgi Slime can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.

1 player
Hold and release the left mouse button to play

2 players
Player 1: Hold and release the A button to play
Player 2: Hold and release the M button to play
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