Bonanza Shooter

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Bonanza Shooter
Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Bonanza Shooter, a pirate-themed bubble-shooting puzzle game! In this colorful world of pirate fun, join a mischievous pirate on a quest to plunder a treasure trove of bubbles and sweet treats. Armed with your trusty cannon, you'll shoot delicious pirate balls at colorful bubbles full of gold coins and sweet surprises.

With each successful shot, burst or explosion, you'll discover hidden stars, unlock new levels and progress closer to the pirate's treasure.

Bonanza Shooter it's more than a bubble popping game; it's a physics-based challenge that will test your shooting skills and keep you entertained for hours. Master the art of shooting and chaining explosions to create massive combo moves and blast your way through tricky puzzles.
Unlock power-ups to improve your arsenal and make every strike even sweeter.
From colorful bubbles and pirate balls to exploding candies and fizzy candies, Bonanza Shooter is a visual treat for your eyes and a sweet sensation.
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