Assault Bots (Bot Machines)

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Assault Bots (Bot Machines)
Assault Bots (formerly Bot Machines) is a fantastic real-time multiplayer vehicle battle, made by Blayze Games, the developer behind famous titles such as Bullet Force, Forward Assault and Plated Glory.

The game has been renamed to Assault Bots as of December 21, 2020.

Battles with bots

The vehicular combat in Assault Bots is immensely fun. The simple mechanics leave you plenty of room to use your strategic and aiming skills to blast your enemies, which quickly becomes an addictive and enjoyable experience.

Team Deathmatch

The game mode now uses team deathmatch. Work together with your teammates to eliminate as many opponents as possible within the time limit!

Capture the Flag (legacy mode)

In addition to destroying the opposition, you must capture as many flags as possible, as this is the key objective. Flags are captured by keeping your vehicle within range of the flag while defending your position against enemies. This is where you can implement your personal and team strategy to gain a competitive edge over the other side!

One of the aspects of Assault Bots that keeps the game fresh is the ability to change your arsenal of weapons. In each game, you'll have two free slots to choose from an array of weapons, including a minigun, machine gun, RPG, grenade launcher, and more. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses. You can also apply add-ons such as health regeneration and turbo, as well as customize the appearance of your vehicle to create your favorite Assault Bots for Battle.
WASD or arrow keys - move
Left mouse button - Aim and shoot
Right mouse button - Zoom in
1 and 2 - Switch weapons
X - handbrake
Space - Turbo
E - jump
R - Reload
TAB - View the results table
ESC - Pause
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