Brick Breaker Bash

Brick Breaker Bash
It's time to show off your ultimate arkanoid skills and tell the world that you're an awesome brick breaker! You have to use the white small and cute ball to draw a line and remove all the bricks on the board to clear each level in the game Break Breaker Bassh! The ball starts flying wherever you touch. Your goal in this fun HTML5 puzzle game is to break the bricks and never let them reach the bottom or you will lose. Use your logical brain to spot the best positions and angles to hit each brick.

Your ball takes a position where it first touches the bottom after shooting. The complexities will increase as you progress in this arcade game. Aim your target smartly so that he can hit as many bricks as possible with one shot! Try to clear the screen with as few hits as possible to complete your game with 3 stars and the highest possible score! Remember that each row goes down one step each time a hit ends.

This addictive arcade game includes 54 unique and challenging levels to play. Your good performance helps earn enough coins to unlock some advanced puzzles. You will also have multiple power-ups to use to make your challenge more interesting. Use power 1 to destroy the last row, the middle row and column can be destroyed using power 2. You can reduce the number of bricks up to 50% with power 3 and double the number of balls using power 4. Clear all the bricks in every level and become a brick breaker pro!
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