Brutal IO

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Brutal IO
Brutal IO is a fantastic multiplayer IO game where you have to control a flail that has a circular attack style. You must try to increase the size of your flail and use it to destroy other players. The size of your flail is very small at first and grows as you collect crystals that are scattered around the map - crystals also appear when an enemy is destroyed and the bigger they are, the bigger the crystals that are dropped.

If you come into contact with another player's flail, then you're wiped out and have to start over – or if you manage to touch another player with your flail, you'll destroy them. This game is fast and you have to move and be careful. Watch out for the red areas, because if you touch them you will be instantly destroyed. Furthermore, watch out for the small green triangular shapes - you can run over them to increase your mass. Can you be brutal and conquer the arena or will you be wiped out?

Developer was developed by Andre Almeida, the same guy who developed
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