Bubble Shooter FRVR

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Bubble Shooter FRVR
Play Bubble Shooter FRVR. FRVR stands for forever. That's exactly how long you can play this FRVR version.

The goal is to get as far as you can, pop all the bubbles to continue. Clear bubbles with a star for extra points. The text at the top "Moves in 5" means that a new line will appear from the top in the number of moves. A multi-colored ball counts as a joker and can be shot at all colors of balls. A bomb bubble will explode a grid of 9 balls. You will see a loading bar at the top right with a star. If you remove number of stars for this bar to be full, you will get a star boost. With star boost, you will get extra points. We really like the bubble aimer, this way you can easily see where you are shooting. You can replace the incoming bubble by right clicking or by pressing the shooter .
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