Build and Crush

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Build and Crush
Build and Crush is a multiplayer game where you can, you guessed it, build and break things. Choose your party!

Building: Place blocks or animals to build something cool. There are normal blocks (bricks, granite, glass, wood, leaves, etc.) and colored blocks. Each block can have several variations: column, stairs, triangle. Don't forget to save what you make, and when you're satisfied, you can publish your creation with one click of the "Make Public" button.

crushing: This is where the fun begins. Choose a random creation and use various weapons to blow them all up. Blast everything with TNT, fire cannons, trigger an earthquake or set everything on fire! Pst, if you want one-click destruction, use an atomic bomb ;) Also coming soon is a real-time multiplayer mode, where you can compete against other players, defend against zombies and do other cool things!

Multiplayer: Work together with other players in various game modes.

Ctrl4ltDel he made Build and Crush.
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