Car Football by FreezeNova

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Car Football by FreezeNova
Have you ever played football and driven your favorite car? Car Football is a game where players control sports cars while trying to score goals on the opposing side.

There are 6 cars to choose from before you start playing football matches—the most expensive one costs 800 gold. You will get more gold coins after you win matches. So take your time, be patient and play endless hours.

How many goals do I need to win the match?

To win the match, you will have to control the car in such a way that you block the opponent's movements and at the same time score more goals than him. You can change the speed of the car whenever you want and make it jump in the air to reach the ball.
Get ready to complete 30 levels before time runs out. Each match lasts 2 minutes.

The arena will be rooting for you to win every contest. Show the fans that your team's flag is legendary and score points on the scoreboard. Now you can live the dream where football players turn into monster cars.
- WAD or arrow keys to control the car
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