Checkers Deluxe Edition

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Checkers Deluxe Edition
Checkers (Checkers) is a game for two players. Each player has 12 pieces, usually red or black, placed on black squares. The goal is to eliminate the opponent's pieces or disable their movement.

The rules are simple: pieces move diagonally forward only to free squares. When a piece reaches the opposite end of the board, it can become a "queen" and gain additional movement options. Players alternate moves, moving their own pieces and removing the opponent's piece by jumping over them onto an empty field. The goal is to tactically place your pieces in such a way as to eliminate the opponent's pieces or prevent their movement.

Checkers Deluxe Edition is one of the variants of this game! Engage in tactical battles, challenge friends or face off against our intelligent AI. Experience timeless fun with stylish graphics and easy-to-use controls. Hone your strategic skills in online matches and become a master of the art of strategy. Are you ready for an exciting Checkers experience like never before?

Checkers Deluxe Edition made by Monster Games.
Use the left mouse button to move the figures.
Take turns moving your pieces diagonally across the board.
You can remove an opponent's piece by jumping over it if there is an empty space behind it.
The goal is to remove all the opponent's pieces from the field.
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