City War 3D

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City War 3D
Attack the houses in the game City War 3D! A classic strategy game that you won't be able to stop playing is here. There are houses and tiny characters with your color that you can send to each house to make it yours. Can you handle the circulation and make these houses your own?

In this fun and addictive strategy game, you have to use houses and people to get new houses. When you start each new level, you will have a house secured by your troops. You can see how many soldiers you have from the number on that house. With every second you'll have another man with an axe. You can draw lines between that house and the others to send these men with battle axes as a troop to attack the new house. Since your opponents will do the same, you should be quick and you should calculate your moves to have more people than your opponents. This is only possible by invading new houses to create more axemen. Only when you attack all the houses will you be the winner and go to the next level. You can send a troop into a house from multiple houses by drawing a line across all these houses. You won't be able to stop playing this addictive strategy game, so get ready to play!
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