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Experience an exciting platformer game, Clones, in which players control a unique character with the ability to clone himself. The twist is that each clone created repeats the exact actions previously taken by the original. These time replicants can be used to hit switches, scale platforms and decipher door codes, adding a layer of strategic gameplay.

How to play Clones
You control your character using the standard arrow keys. To create a clone, simply press the C key. Remember, each clone reflects your character's previous actions, so plan your moves carefully. As the game progresses, using the clone strategy becomes essential to overcome the complex puzzles.

Tips and tricks
Time is of the essence. Set up clones when needed for multitasking. The positioning of each clone could be key in solving the puzzles. Remember that cloned actions mirror previous ones; use this feature to create harmonious movements.

  • Innovative gameplay: Clones offers unique cloning mechanics that require strategic planning.
  • Puzzle-Based Challenges: Each level presents new puzzles that utilize the game's core cloning mechanics.
  • Time Travel Concept: Experience time travel in the game as each clone re-enacts past actions.
  • User-friendly interface: Simple controls provide an easy-to-understand gaming experience.
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