Crossy Road

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Crossy Road
Crossy Road is an arcade game created by Hipster Whale. In Crossy Road you have to avoid traffic, jump over logs, side trains and collect coins. Each Crossy Road game offers you coins that you can use to unlock exciting new characters.

You can play Crossy Road in three different worlds: the newest Dinosaurs world, Space and Original world. Dinosaur World was launched in December 2019.

How to play Crossy Road?
Use the arrow keys to move sideways or forward. Do not get in the way of oncoming cars or other incoming objects.

What are some good tips and tricks?
Don't be afraid to backtrack if you need to.
New characters add fun visual challenges to the game.
Watch the traffic carefully!

Who created Crossy Road?
Crossy Road was developed by Hipster Whale, based in Australia. Other Hipster Whale games include PAC-MAN 256 and Shooty Skies.
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