Crow Smasher

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Crow Smasher
Welcome to the exciting world Crow Smasher. This exciting action shooting game combines the best elements of animal games and skill games to provide a unique and addictive gaming experience. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure as you aim, shoot, smash and fight your way through a landscape teeming with wily crows.

As you venture into this enchanting realm of feathered foes, your mission is crystal clear - destroy the pesky crows with an unwavering cannon. As simple as it sounds at first, the challenge becomes even greater when it comes to aiming and shooting rocks at these nimble creatures that sit on platforms. The game offers a total of 36 fun and challenging levels, each more exciting than the last. The key to victory lies not only in firepower, but also in precision and timing. An element of skill is intricately woven into this action-packed shooter saga that forces you to improve your aim with each advancing level.
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