Cry Islands

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Cry Islands
Get ready to enjoy with Cry Islands, an amazing first-person shooter inspired by the game series Far Cry. Are you ready for unlimited action? Your plane has crashed on what appears to be a deserted island.

Fortunately, you are healthy and your health is not in danger! It's time to explore every corner of this vast archipelago of 4 islands in search of natural resources and items that can be useful in your adventure. You will have the option to use up to 10 different weapons and all kinds of abandoned vehicles to move faster, and you will have to face the local mercenaries who are ready to take your life and everything you have! Don't let your enemies take your life, defend yourself tooth and nail and enjoy this amazing action packed game.
WASD or arrow keys to scroll
Left mouse button to shoot
P key for pause
H key to use health packs
M key opens the map
E key to interact
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