Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2
The long-awaited sequel to Cursed Treasure is finally here! Defend your gems from enemies by strategically building towers. The game was initially released as flash game in August 2013. Remastered (HTML5) version is available from October 2019. Cursed Treasure 2 made by IriySoft.

How to play
Generally, the game is played by placing towers on the map, and the towers will automatically attack incoming enemies. Enemies will head to your lair to take your gems and try to return to their entry points to steal the gems they are carrying. If all your gems are stolen, you lose the game. If you have killed all enemies and have at least one gem left on the map, you will win. Besides towers, there are many other factors that can help either you or your enemy achieve your goal. The game consists of several cards, which form a "storyflow" (with a little story). The player must complete all levels to "beat" the game. After each map, the player will gain some XP that can be spent to improve the tower's abilities. In addition, each completed map has a star that reflects how well the player fought the battle. For a more detailed explanation of tips and how to play the game, see the Guide.

Core TD Gameplay
The core TD (tower defense) of Cursed Treasure 2 is not exactly the same as traditional TD games. In normal TD games, you build towers on every available slot, but in Cursed Treasure 2, each type of tower can only be built on the corresponding tile.

Skill Upgrade
Although this is not new in the whole world of TD, Cursed Treasure 2 it also has a general upgrade feature called a Skill in the game. After each map you will receive a certain amount of XP points, and as the level ends, you will have 3 points that you can distribute to increase the strength of your towers in different ways. Note that Skill upgrades are a different concept than Tower upgrades. For a detailed list of skills and their information, read the Skills section.

There is an in-game database for all types of in-game data, called Evilopedia. It's easy to understand, Encyclopedia for you!

Towers, Spells, Buildings, Enemies
In Cursed Treasure 2, you have a choice of three main types of towers that can gain XP and upgrade into different advanced towers. Read details about these towers in the category Towers within the Evilopedia.
In addition to placing towers to bring death to enemies, you can also use 3 spells to defend gems. Read details about these spells in the category Spells.
There are many types of buildings on game maps that have different functions. You can use them to your advantage by destroying them. For details about these buildings, please read in the category Buildings.
Ah, heroes are greedy. They want our jewels, that way they are our enemies. You have to kill them before they steal our gems. There are a lot of different enemies, different abilities. Plan your tactics well when dealing with them. See category for details on these enemies Enemies.
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