Daily 1 to 25

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Daily 1 to 25
Daily 1 to 25 is a game of mental agility in which players face a matrix of five rows and five columns. The goal is to find and touch the numbers from 1 to 25 in ascending order as quickly as possible, without skipping numbers or going backwards.

In order for the game to begin, players first need to be ready and focused. When the game starts, the numbers appear on the screen in a random order. Players must quickly scan the matrix to find number 1, then number 2, and so on, following the ascending sequence of numbers until number 25.

This game requires quick reaction, concentration and visual perceptiveness. By playing it regularly, one can improve the speed of finding numbers and improve mental agility. Players often play this to challenge their friends or try to beat their own speeds from previous attempts.

How to play Daily 1 to 25

As we already mentioned, the panel contains 25 fields, all of which you must fill in with numbers. You can drag the number from the side to the square. Each set number must go next to the previous number. It can be a square above, below, left or right as well as four diagonal cells. Each number placed must be aligned with the place it comes from on the edge of the board. The numbers on the left or right must be placed along the lines. The numbers on the top and bottom must be placed vertically in their columns. The corners are directed diagonally across the board. ​
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