DatTank.IO is a free multiplayer review game where you can build your own tank, fight in the arena with other players and improve your skills and collect coins to upgrade your tank. Initially, after entering the arena, you are added to 1 of 4 colored teams, and your job is to eliminate as many enemy tanks as possible and increase the score to become the leader! Around the map are health packs and ammo packs so if you take any damage after a fight, you can re-gear for the next encounter. Btw, don't forget to prevent the cause of the cannon overheating, otherwise you'll have to wait a bit before firing again and it can cost you a life! Unlock new guns / hulls / armor or engine and show everyone who's boss in this game.

How to play
You start with 100 HP and 20 ammo, each bullet does about 20% damage, so about 5 hits destroys an enemy tank. The easiest way to be successful as a Dat Tank is to work with your teammates, after all two tanks are definitely better than one and definitely do a lot more damage!
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