Disney Junior Mazes

Disney Junior Mazes
It's time for you all to have a great time playing one of the best new Disney games for juniors for free on our website, a game called Disney Junior Mazes, which brings together two of your favorite shows, which means Puppy Dog Pals and TOTS: Tiny Ones Transport Service.

Explore mazes with your favorite Disney animals! For each level of the game, you have to help the animals move through the maze, eat all the food or grab all the other collectibles on the paths and reach their friend at the exit when you move on to the next level. Don't leave items ungrabbed, as you get stars at the end of the level depending on how many you get, and hopefully you're always aiming for three stars, rather than only getting two, or worse, just one.

You can choose which set of characters to explore the mazes with, and each new level has a maze that's bigger and more difficult, but we're sure you'll find your way, no matter how complicated the maze looks if you focus! We wish you all the best of luck, and we hope you share this game with your friends, because it would be a shame if they didn't play it too!
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