Doom 2D

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Doom 2D
DOOM 2D is an online game that brings the classic DOOM first-person shooter experience to a 2D environment. Inspired by the iconic DOOM series, this game offers fast-paced action, intense combat, and plenty of weapons and enemies to contend with.

U DOOM 2D, players take on the role of a lone space marine who must battle hordes of demonic creatures in a series of challenging levels. Armed with an arsenal of weapons, including shotguns, chainsaws and rocket launchers, players must navigate labyrinthine maps full of hidden secrets and deadly traps.
A/Left Arrow: Move left
D/Right Arrow: Move right
W/Up Arrow: Jump
1-7 Numeric keys: Change weapon
CTRL/Left Click: Shoot
Spacebar: Open the door
O button: automatic weapon switching
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