Dream Pet Link 2

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Dream Pet Link 2
Dream Pet Link 2 is a matching game where you have to match cute animals before the clock runs out. Can you connect the tiles fast enough?

To connect two identical tiles, tap the tile and then select another tile with the same animal. However, there are a few rules that limit which tiles you can combine:

You can only connect two tiles if you can draw a line between them that does not make more than two 90 degree turns. This line cannot pass through any other tiles, but must go around them. (Two tiles lying directly next to each other can also be connected.)

As a new feature, this sequel to the original title includes two different game modes:

Simple way of working:
In this version, you start with fewer tiles. The number of tiles will increase with each new level you unlock. You will also have more hints and more time to complete each level.

Hard mode:
In this version you will have to pass the levels within a strict time limit. You will have a more limited number of tips to rely on. The game starts with a large number of tiles and a more varied array of tile designs. All of this makes the game significantly more challenging to complete.
Game controls
Tap a tile to select it. Touch the identical playable tile to connect them.
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