Emily’s Hotel Solitaire

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Emily's Hotel Solitaire
Experience a wonderful combination of relaxation and brain challenges in Emily's Hotel Solitaire. The game revolves around Emily, who embarks on an adventure on a tropical island to fulfill her late grandfather's dream of building a hotel. Every solitaire won will bring her one step closer to her dream. From lush green parks to cozy rooms, the game allows players to create their own paradise.

How to play
Playing Emily's Hotel Solitaire is simple but attractive. You have to clear the solitaire boards by placing the cards in ascending or descending order. Winning each level will earn you stars which can be used to add various decorative elements to your hotel. Progress in the game is directly proportional to your performance in solitaire games.

Tips and tricks
Prioritize moving the cards with the highest values ​​first, as this can increase your chances of winning. Save your stars for big upgrades and use strategic moves to ensure your victory in each round. Remember, each win brings you closer to building Emily's dream hotel.

  • An amazing story with Emily chasing her grandfather's dream.
  • Exciting solitaire gameplay mixed with hotel building mechanics.
  • Creative freedom in decorating your own hotel on a tropical island.
  • Earn stars from winning rounds that can be used for various upgrades.
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