Endless Siege

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Endless Siege
Endless Siege is a tower defense game to survive an endless wave of enemies. A new card is added every day! Play daily for a brand new challenge as you try to survive wave after wave of attackers trying to destroy your kingdom. Set up your defenses along the course, then buy upgrades to help you survive. The longer you survive, the higher your final score will be. Check back each day to replay the map of the day.

Prepare your defense

For Endless Siege, place turrets in available locations. At the beginning of the game, you should place these turrets near the entrance where the enemies will arrive. When you have prepared your defense, press the button "next wave" for the start of the first wave.

Upgrade your weapons

You can level up, upgrade and sell your defenses before and during enemy waves. Much later in the game, you can upgrade these weapons to brand new, more technologically advanced defense towers. These upgraded weapons are significantly more powerful, but also cost a lot of gold.
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