Epic War 2

Epic War 2
The second episode of Epic War is upon you. Humans, Orcs, and Elves are drawn together to face an army of shadows that threatens to wipe out all living things. The game was initially released as a Flash game in December 2008. The HTML5 version is available as of November 2019.

The second installment of the popular castle defense game is about the Sons of Destiny. They are representatives of three once-enemy races who decided to join forces against a greater evil. As an alliance commander you must lead the defense of your castle. Use the specific abilities of hobbits, orcs, elves and humans. Upgrade their magical and combat skills as you train and send troops into battle. Destroy the tower on the opposite side of the battlefield to win. Your heroic chronicles will go down in history!
Arrow left / right to move the camera
Arrow up / down to direct the crossbow
And for shooting an arrow
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