Power Pamplona (Extreme Pamplona)

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Power Pamplona (Extreme Pamplona)
Power Pamplona (also known as Extreme Pamplona) is a fast running game where you have to run as fast as you can, jump over obstacles and avoid the bulls as they try to catch you. The game has multiple stages set in different locations around the world, each with its own unique obstacles and challenges. The game is challenging to master, as the levels get harder as you progress. Can you survive the stampede and reach the end?

Run, jump and avoid everything in front of you. Once you run away from the bull, you will already be in another country. But your adventure continues. Now you have to run away from a corpulent German waitress who wants to drown you in beer. It doesn't end there, because you are now being chased by a policeman at a huge construction site in England. Keep it up until you've toured Europe and come back to your beautiful hometown to stop the madness. Have fun with Extreme Pamplona online at igre.games!

There are nine levels in total, but you only need to complete five of them to beat the game. You progress through the levels in a linear fashion, but certain points on the level map branch off, allowing you to choose which level to visit next.

  • Pamplona, ​​Spain: First level of the game. Run away from the raging bull to avoid being gored! Jump over boxes and barricades to avoid entanglement. Climb over shop stalls and jump on window coverings to put more distance between you and the bull.
  • Munich, Germany: A German woman chases you through the streets of Munich, trying to force you to drink beer or poison you! Climb over stacks of barrels, run on top of trucks and use trampolines to escape as fast as you can!
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Run through the water canals of Amsterdam to escape the dancer who is in love with Rexonamen! Jump off the boats and rafts, but be careful not to fall into the water because you will slow down.
  • London, England: Go through a construction site in London, but watch out for the cop who wants to arrest you for trespassing! Climb ramps, jump across moving platforms and swing on cranes to get through!
  • Geneva, Switzerland: Snowboard down the snowy slopes of Geneva to overtake a mysterious masked skier with unknown intentions! Jump over rocks and trees to perform cool tricks and avoid slowing down.
  • Paris, France: Run through the ruins of Notre Dame while avoiding the bell ringer! Climb old, fallen statues and swing on ropes to make your way through the ruins.
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia: Quickly go through the streets of St. Petersburg to get rid of the crazy Cossack who is chasing you! Climb high above the streets by jumping on window screens and swinging on poles.
  • Stockholm, Sweden: Find your way out of the Swedish spa to escape from a very angry guest chasing you! Jump over fountains, climb marble walls and use other spa guests to jump higher, but watch out for the steam that obscures your vision.
  • Return to Pamplona: The last level of the game, played after completing St. Petersburg or Stockholm. It's time for a rematch against the bull! This level has the same obstacles as the first level of Pamplona, ​​but they are arranged in more difficult patterns.

Left arrow = run left
Right arrow = run right
Space = jump
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