Fairyland Merge & Magic

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Fairyland Merge & Magic
Fairyland Merge & Magic is a matching game full of the most amazing pieces you'll ever put together! It looks nothing like ordinary fairy tales, but a unique collection of merger fairy tales spiced with real merger magic.

The main concept of the game is to combine different elements to create new things while building and developing a kingdom. Players collect various resources, such as plants, creatures, buildings, and magical elements, and then combine them to create more advanced objects and creatures.

Through a series of quests and challenges, players are encouraged to develop their kingdom, explore new locations within the game, and encounter different characters and creatures. During the game, they can unlock new powers, bonuses and special items that help them progress through the game.

The game combines aspects of strategy and planning with puzzle elements, as players must think carefully about which elements to put together to maximize their progress and resources. There is also an element of exploration, as players discover new parts of the kingdom as they progress through the game.

Depending on progress, players can unlock new zones, challenges or characters, which provides a constant sense of progress and motivation to continue playing.
Drag the left mouse button to connect/move the object
Use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out
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