Farm Clash 3D

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Farm Clash 3D
Farm Clash 3D is a game where you and your teammates fight against another team on a beautiful farm. It is a multiplayer game in which you will not fight alone, but in a team. Try to cooperate with everyone to survive and kill all your opponents. The points you earn can then be used to upgrade your health or weapons. The game features raging cowboys who eliminate everything in their path with shrapnel. The game's release date is January 2019. Farm Clash 3D made by Andrew Panov (who previously made Subway Clash 3D).

  • Dynamic 3D environment: the game boasts an impressive farm environment, complete with barns, haystacks and windmills, perfect for ambushing enemies.
  • An arsenal of diverse weapons: from classic revolvers to explosive shrapnel, equip yourself with the best weapons to defeat your enemies.
  • Character customization: Customize your cowboy avatar with unique clothing and accessories.
  • Multiplayer mode: team up with friends or players around the world and participate in intense team battles.
  • Progressive weight: As you progress, face increasingly terrifying enemies and challenging scenarios.

WASD or arrow keys to scroll
C crouch
Left mouse button to shoot
Jump space
Traffic light display tab
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