Farming Life

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FarmingLife is a fun farm game where you manage your own farming business! Build your farm with up to nine buildings, grow 12 different types of plants and keep cows, pigs, horses and sheep!

Trudy, the farmer's wife, will show you all the tricks. Start with sunflowers, which you can later sell in the store and process into sunflower oil. To grow crops, you must first buy fields. Then click on the seed and sow it in the desired location on your fields. He uses a tractor for that. When the seeds turn into plants, you can harvest them with the harvester and store them in the barn. Then sell your crop in the shop and use the coins you earn to buy more land and seeds. Your farm will continue to grow, you will be able to unlock more farm levels and even build pastures and barns. Maybe you already know the principle of the game from other idle games.

How to play Farming Life

Expand your farmland and unlock new areas of the farm where you can keep animals.
Upgrade your agricultural machines in the garage to make them work even more efficiently and unlock new tractors. Farming is based on economical operation.
Increase the storage capacity in your barn.
Unlock multiple types of seeds for carrots, wheat, onions and many other crops.
Collect rewards for achieving goals in the farmhouse and complete daily tasks.
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