Fight Arena Online

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Fight Arena Online
A secret ninja clan gathers the best fighters from around the world and organizes a tournament. Complete the challenges and participate in the tournament to prove that you are the best fighter! Fighting Arena Online: Fighter 3D is a cool third-person multiplayer fighting game. Here you can fight with players from all over the world in battle and show everyone who is the most dangerous fighter here! "Battle Arena" is cool 3D graphics, different types of battles, various attacks, parkour elements, strong fighters, various battle arenas, powerful weapons, top player rank and a large list of rewards.

How to play?
First you have to register or no registration. After that, you can go through a small tutorial to help you adjust to the game and learn some of the subtleties. After training, you can choose your character from the list. Some fighters will be in the public domain, while others will be blocked. You can open access to them using diamonds.

Also, the game has active and inactive inventory. Items can be placed in the active inventory and will be active in battle. But in the inactive inventory you can put items that are not needed at the moment. Now all that remains is to choose a server and you can rush into battle! Up to six players can play in the arena at the same time. Hit them, try different combinations of hits on them and win money for opponents killed during the fight. Show everyone who is the best fighter in the arena!
Use W, S, A, D to move your character
Use the left and right mouse buttons to attack
Use the left shift key to spin or attack from below
Use the tilde (~) or the T button to chat
Press the space bar to jump
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