Final Freeway 2R

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Final Freeway 2R
Final Freeway 2R is an arcade game that combines elements of racing and action, creating an addictive experience for fans of retro games. The game is designed as an homage to the classic arcade titles of the 80s, with modern touches and improvements.

The goal of the game is to drive as fast as possible through the track in a limited time to reach the very end. It takes place on a public road where you will come into contact with other drivers who are changing lanes. The area the road passes through will also change, and a sign will appear giving you a chance to choose where to go when approaching an intersection. Each of them offers more open or more restricted tracks with more or less tight turns and less or more traffic. You can crash into cars, but that will slow you down.

During the race, you will have to deal with a rival who will be driving a substantial sports car that will weave in and out of traffic. You try to win battles against them which involve outrunning them and trying to beat their time to get through the current area. Before the start of the race you have the opportunity to choose your driver. Each has its own power and handling score to consider. Power determines how powerful your car is, and handling determines how well it controls. You can also change the color of your car and the music that accompanies you. Finally, you can choose between three difficulties Easy, Normal or Expert.

Tips and tricks
The best thing you can do is watch the road. The number of drivers per distance offers an indication of how much traffic you can expect. You should also pay attention to road signs to prepare for upcoming turns and avoid collisions.

Game details
Developer: OYK Games
Platforms: web browser (PC and mobile) and Android
Languages: English
Up arrow - acceleration
Down arrow - brake/slow down
Left arrow - turn left
Right arrow - turn right
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