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"Gladihoppers" is a strategy game that combines the elements of combat, tactics and resource management. In this game, players take on the role of the owner of the arena in the Roman Colosseum and oversee the fights between different gladiators.

Here is a more detailed description of the game:
Team placement: Players start with a certain number of resources that they can use to build a team of gladiators. Each gladiator has his own unique skills, abilities and weapons. Players must carefully select gladiators for their team, taking into account their specific characteristics and roles in combat.

Tactical combat: Battles take place in a real-time arena, where players manage their team of gladiators. During combat, players must make quick decisions about when to use their gladiator's skills, how to move around the arena, and how to deal with different opponents. Tactics are key to winning a fight.

Progress and adaptation: Through game progress, players can unlock new gladiators, weapons, abilities and equipment. They can also upgrade their existing gladiators to make them stronger and more resilient. Team customization and strategy plays an important role in achieving success on the battlefield.

Arena owner's career: Players can also progress through their careers as arena owners. This includes managing the arena's resources, such as budgeting for equipment and paying gladiators, attracting spectators, and organizing different types of events to increase the popularity of the arena.

Online competitions: Gladihoppers also offers the opportunity to participate in online competitions and tournaments against other players around the world. This adds an element of competitive fun and allows players to showcase their skills and strategies against real opponents.

Through all these elements, Gladihoppers provides a deep and dynamic experience of combat and management, which appeals to fans of strategy games and fighting games.
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