GT Cars Super Racing

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GT Cars Super Racing
This exciting game is reminiscent of the iconic arcade racing games of yesteryear. With an amazing 21 different circuits full of unexpected twists, excellent car control mechanism and great graphics, the game promises to immerse you in a world where speed is everything. Listen to the hum of the engine and strategically activate the turbo for that crucial burst ahead.

How to play
Control system in GT Cars Super Racing is flawless and intuitive. Use directional keys or WASD to steer your car on different tracks. Control your speed by accelerating and braking, while using the space bar for much-needed turbo boosts. As you progress through the game, hone your driving skills and aim for the fastest lap time on each track.

Tips and tricks
U GT Cars Super Racing time is of the essence. Know when to use your turbo boost - it can make the difference between victory and defeat. Learn the layout of each lap so you understand when you should slow down or speed up. Skillful drifting can help you take sharp turns, at high speeds, without losing control.

  • Nostalgic gameplay: a throwback to classic arcade racing games.
  • A total of 21 diverse rounds full of surprises.
  • Realistic Sounds: Authentic engine sounds for an immersive racing experience.
  • Precise Controls: Seamless car control system for precise driving.
  • Turbo Boosts: Add a strategic layer to your races with well-timed turbos.
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