GunsBytes IO

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GunsBytes IO is a multiplayer FPS shooter that thrusts you into fierce battles, requiring quick reflexes and strategic prowess. Challenge global players in dynamic arenas, where the ultimate champion emerges based on the highest number of kills. Dive straight into the action with no downloads – just a seamless, elegant design and responsive controls. Constant updates ensure you stay on top, experiencing the fastest and most fluid multiplayer FPS. Join today and prove yourself as the best shooter in this adrenaline-filled battlefield.

Developer was developed by Ata Baran.

web browser
WASD or arrow keys = scroll
Mouse = aim
Left click = shoot
Right click = focus
C = Squat
Space = jump / double jump
P = pause
T = skill
F = weapon inspection
R = refill
X = free view
H = hide weapon
1, 2, 3 / scroll wheel = change weapon
Q / E = leaning
Right click + B = change scope
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