Hammer Throw

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Hammer Throw
Hammer Throw is an exciting athletic challenge that tests your hammer throwing skills as far as possible. In this game, you will step into the shoes of a hammer thrower and strive to reach incredible distances with your throws. To master the art of hammer throwing, precision and timing are key. Your athlete will swing the hammer in a circle, and you must control the angle and speed of the throw to be successful.

The game starts by stopping the pendulum in the middle by pressing the spacebar at the right time. This sets up the ideal angle for your throw. With the angle set, it's time to build momentum for the throw. Press the left and right arrow keys as quickly as possible to make your athlete spin faster, increasing momentum. The faster your athlete spins, the more power you can release during the throw.

When you feel the moment is right, press the up arrow key to release the hammer and watch it float through the air. The goal is to achieve the greatest possible distance with each throw. Hammer Throw offers a competitive and engaging experience as you strive to qualify for prestigious tournaments and set new records. It's a game that rewards precision, timing and skill as you aim for extra yards on every throw.
control: space bar, left, right and up arrow keys
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