Hazmob FPS: Online Shooter

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Hazmob FPS: Online Shooter
Hazmob FPS: Online Shooter is a multiplayer shooter where you engage in critical battles against enemies. Whether you like intense PvP action, exciting single-player challenges, or dominating as a sniper, this game has something for you. With a variety of maps, a wide arsenal of weapons and customizable gameplay modes, get ready for non-stop FPS excitement. Join the battlefield now and prove your skills!

Game features
  • 100% action FPS maps
  • 8 maps for the best FPS shooting experience
  • Ranked Game Mode to achieve rank and more coins.
  • Custom Game Mode to create your own game with rules for your friends
  • Single Player mode to play offline against monsters
  • 55+ weapons, customize your exclusive weapons and skins!
  • 21 types of weapons: Glock 18, USP tactical, P228, Desert Eagle, 50 AE, FN Five-seveN, Dual 96G Elite Berettas, MAC10, TMP, MP5 navy, UMP, P90, Galil, FAMAS, AK47, M4A1, SG-552 , AUG, M249-SAW, Scout, G3/SG-1, SG-550 commando, AWP

  • Deathmatch: It's kill or be killed
  • Team Deathmatch: Team vs Team Fight
  • Create your own games (create any cards/game rules)
  • Single Player - Campaign Mode
  • AWP Maps - for sniper-loving shooters
  • 5vs5 multiplayer online PvP battle mode, fair fight!

WASD = move
Space = jump
Left mouse = shoot
Right mouse / V = ​​aim
P = leaderboard, pause and settings
G = raise gun
C = crouch
Shift = running
1, 2, 3 = switch weapons
4, 5, 6 = skills
E = alternative skills
Q = alternative skills ​
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