Heardle 70s

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Hurdle 70s
Hurdle 70s is another variant of the Heardle game that takes you back to the groovy era of the 1970s. Focused exclusively on music from this iconic decade, this game offers a word search experience that challenges your knowledge of 70s songs.

Hurdle 70s lets you share your achievements by copying a series of emojis to the clipboard, showing how quickly you correctly identified the music. However, instead of guessing words, your daily task revolves around predicting another song from the 1970s.

The gameplay is simple but engaging. Each day you will be presented with a song, and your goal is to listen to its beginning and guess the correct title. You have six tries to guess correctly. If you succeed, the Heardle 70s answer will not only reveal the time remaining for the next song, but also confirm your approach or strategy in solving the problem.

Immerse yourself in 70s nostalgia as you test your musical memory and respect for this extraordinary era. Challenge yourself daily, share your successes and enjoy a journey through the iconic sounds of Heardle's game from the 70s. Let the rhythm of the 70s lead you to victory!

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