Hexa Blast

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Hexa Blast
Hexa Blast is a fun and challenging puzzle game where you have to find the right combination to complete the puzzle. Drag and drop all the hex blocks onto the board. The rule is simple: everything must match! Enjoy the satisfaction of pieces that fit neatly into place. Our unique hexagon pieces will stretch your mind in ways you never imagined in this addictive puzzle game. Keep your brain active and sharp, analyze all the possibilities and try to finish all the puzzles. Your puzzle solving skills will be put to the test. There are no time limits, so enjoy at your own pace.

Very simple gameplay that you can master in seconds, just drag and drop. But be warned! Levels can be tricky!
Lots of unique challenging levels to get your brain racing!
Stunning, colorful graphics for pure fun and excitement!
Hexa block puzzles help you improve your brain.
If you get stuck, just use the hint button.
Drag the left mouse button to move the hexa blocks.
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