Highway Traffic Car Simulator

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Highway Traffic Car Simulator
Highway Traffic Car Simulator is a game of driving through busy highways. Navigate traffic, complete missions and upgrade your car collection for ultimate dominance. With stunning 3D graphics and challenging gameplay, aim for the top of the leaderboard and experience the adrenaline rush of highway driving like never before.

Game Features:
  • Unique gameplay: Earn points by crashing into other cars.
  • Diverse, detailed maps with day and night cycles, in cities and suburbs.
  • Third-person view for better control and navigation.
  • High-quality, realistic sound effects.
  • Use Nitro Boosts for extra speed.
  • A wide range of cars to choose from, including sports cars and classics.
  • Various events and modes, including championships and 100 city maps.
  • Realistic graphics with detailed car damage, working mirrors and dynamic reflections.

WASD / arrow keys = car control
N = nitro
Q = light
H = trumpet
C = camera
P = pause
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