Hotel Manager

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Hotel Manager
In the game Hotel Manager step into the shoes of a global real estate titan. Develop and manage hotels around the world, increase their value with upgrades and acquire even more properties. The goal is to outwit and overtake your competitors, drawing customers away from them to your top-of-the-line properties.

The game is primarily controlled by mouse clicks or touch. Select locations on the map to establish a hotel, click on your facilities to upgrade them and keep a close eye on the competition. You progress in the game by making strategic decisions that increase your profits and customer base.

Tips and tricks
Plan strategically. Choose cities that are more likely to generate higher returns based on tourist inflows. Prioritize upgrades for your most profitable properties first. Monitor competitor activities to adjust your strategies accordingly to stay ahead.

  • Globetrotting Gameplay: Buy, sell and manage real estate in world-class cities.
  • Economic Strategy: Outsmart competitors by efficiently investing in real estate and upgrades.
  • Multi-Level Game Challenges: Progress through levels of increasing complexity.
  • Interactive gameplay: Compete in real-time against other players in multiplayer mode.
  • User-friendly interface: Enjoy easy navigation for a seamless gaming experience.
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