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Kirka IO is a free IO game. Welcome to the Minecraft-style world of, a competitive and intense FPS shooter where you and your team of misfits are thrown into a life-or-death competition against other players from around the world in an attempt to become the last player standing with most murders. This is an extremely competitive FPS that is easily accessible and playable in your browser without downloading or logging in. Create an account, gain experience, level up and win prizes along the way!

HOW to play Kirk IO?

Eliminate other players to score as many points as possible and win the game.
In Solo mode, it's every man for himself! Eliminate the other players as much as possible to get the most points.
In TDM (team deathmatch), work together with your team to dominate the other team.
In flag modes, secure a zone and stay in it to score extra points.

You can play this game as a guest or register to enable many options that will give you a much more enjoyable experience, such as buying upgrades, weapons or even playing with friends.
WASD = movement
Space = jump
P / Esc = open the weapon change menu
Left click = shoot
Right click = aim
Shift = crouch
1, 2, 3 = switch weapons
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