Knight Hero Adventure Idle RPG

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Knight Hero Adventure Idle RPG
The magical world of heroes is in danger and needs a skilled sword and bow master to defend it. As a brave knight, it is up to you to protect the kingdom from an ancient evil that has attacked it. The beautiful princess and the heir to the throne have been kidnapped by monsters from the world of magic and only you can save her. In this RPG and roguelike game, become the best monster hunter wielding your sharp sword and shield and don't forget your bow and arrows for Battle Royale.

Knight Hero Adventure is a platform game that offers a challenging arcade quest. With epic battles against various enemies, valuable rewards and endless progress, you will never be bored. You will encounter many unique worlds, hundreds of monsters and cruel bosses. Choose from a large selection of swords, bows and shields to find the right killer combination. With high-quality graphics and epic music, this game offers simple controls and endless possibilities.

Your goal is to survive battles against hordes of terrifying enemies, make your way through dangerous lands and defeat bosses. Gain experience, pump up your hero and become a master of archery and an invincible knight with a sword. Explore battlefields teeming with vicious enemies.

With each game you will progress, gain experience and improve your weapons, skills and super powerful boosters. Your main task is to become the best knight, win the royal battle and save the beautiful princess. Choose and use talents that suit your playstyle and use fire, freeze, dual attack or enhanced defense. Drain the power from your leech-like enemies and hit them with your arrows and sword on your way to victory.

Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG she developed ALMA Games.
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