Knight Quest

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Knight quest
Knight quest is a free mobile game. Embark on an endless adventure with Knights Quest, an endless game in which you don the armor of a fearless knight who leaps from edge to edge of an endless tower in the hope of one day reaching his glory. Whoever survives the longest is guaranteed to have their name recorded on our site-wide leaderboard. It's very similar to your name echoing through the halls of eternity, but only on our site.

U Knight Quest you're always jumping and have to move fast enough to catch the ledges above you. There will always only be right or left edges, so the choice is binary and reflexes are key. Don't wait too long to jump or the ledge below you will crumble and you will fall to your ignominious death. While the game mechanics are simple, the gameplay itself becomes more complex as each ledge passes you by. Prove to your friends and enemies who has what it takes to make it to the top in Knight Quest.
On your mobile device, tap left or right to make the knight jump. On desktop, use the left or right arrow keys to make the knight jump. This is an endless game where your only goal is to stay alive as long as possible.
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