Legends of Honor

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Legends of Honor
Join epic battles and explore medieval worlds in Legends of Honor, a brand new MMO game! Momentary decisions can and will be the difference between glory and defeat! You will have to fight on the battlefield and be strategically savvy in construction. Build mighty buildings and castles, hire strong soldiers and make sure the walls are strong enough to withstand the attacks of invaders who want to destroy your defenses. Be ready to become a true legend and play Legends of Honor. In a medieval landscape divided between three factions, the fate of an entire kingdom hangs on a knife's edge. Do you have what it takes to tip the balance of war and bring honor to your people?

Building is just as important as fighting. How you structure and organize the layout of your kingdom is paramount to efficiency and production. You can build a variety of buildings from stone quarries to treasuries to collect money. Buildings can also be upgraded for greater productivity.

Keeping citizens happy is a part of your empire that requires careful scheduling and restructuring as needed. Damaged buildings and overcrowding contribute to reducing the happiness of your people. Building decorations around town will increase luck. A happy population is more productive, and increased production speed is exactly what you need to get stronger, faster!

Fast-paced action is the game's appeal over other strategy titles. Earn XP and upgrade your hero for more power. Maximizing your resource potential for rapid growth of your army, resulting in greater power to take on larger enemies with lucrative loot items.

Goodgame Studios developed the game Legends of Honor. Other popular games developed by Goodgame Studios include Big Farm and frequently updated game Goodgame Empire.

Legends of Honor is available as a web browser game and as an Android app.
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