Line Rider

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Line rider
Line rider is a simple yet addictive game where users draw their own paths. Players can create different types of tracks, from fast and exciting to slow and challenging, using their imagination and creativity.

After the players draw their track, you can place your driver, usually known as a "Sled Rider", on the track and let him drive. The game's physics simulate realistic motion laws, meaning the driver will react to gradients, speeds and other elements of the track in a way that would be expected in the real world.

Creativity: Players are limited only by their imagination and creativity. They can create anything from simple straight paths to complex mazes or even recreate actual paths from real life.

zajednica: There is a developed online community that shares its trails and ideas. Players can browse and play tracks created by other users, further enriching the game experience.

Challenges: Players often challenge each other, such as completing the tracks the fastest, building the longest tracks, or creating the most creative designs.

Line rider was developed by Boštjan Čadež.
Use the left mouse button
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