– fun free fps io game

5 votes, average: 4,40 from 5 – fun free fps io game is a multiplayer first-person shooter game with many types of funny weapons to use. Customize your avatar and enter the arena to participate in 5-minute FFA rounds (everyone for themselves) where you will have to eliminate as many opponents as possible while trying not to die. Battles will be fast and furious thanks to precise gameplay and maps with designs perfectly adapted to the conflicts. Many jumps, springboards and teleporters will make the fights very tactical. You will be able to use 8 different weapons, some of which are very specific such as the Lifegun that will steal the life of your enemies or the flamethrower that will set entire areas on fire. You can also collect other bonuses on the map, such as shields or damage multipliers. Remember where your favorite weapons and bonuses are to be even more effective in duels! The winner of the game will be the player with the highest score when time runs out.
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